Springdale residents’ creativity nets $935 for their council

Jim Gunsolus poses with Springdale Country Manor volunteer Julie Hume in front of the “wheelbarrow of wine” draw he won on May 18. The draw raised $935 for Springdale’s residents’ council.

Money raised from ‘wheelbarrow of wine’ fundraiser will be put towards outings

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Springdale Country Manor residents collected $935 for the home’s residents’ council on May 18 during the “wheelbarrow of wine” draw they organized.

Residents decided two months ago they wanted more outings. They also wanted two raised flower beds for the home’s courtyard. They decided on a wine fundraiser. In fact, they wanted to raffle off so much wine that the winner would need help taking it home. So they sweetened the deal by including a wheelbarrow in the prize.

Family, friends and staff members donated bottles of wine that were placed inside the wheelbarrow. Residents collected more than 20 bottles of wine, worth about $450. Residents and staff members then sold tickets for $2 a piece or three for $5.

The draw was held at Springdale on May 18. Jim Gunsolus, the brother-in-law of volunteer Julie Hume, won the wheelbarrow of wine.

“It wasn’t a bad deal for a $5 ticket,” chuckles Sonia Murney, the home’s life enrichment co-ordinator.

The residents have already decided how part of the money they raised will be spent. They have asked to be taken to Giant Tiger for some shopping and then to Tim Hortons for refreshments afterwards, Sonia says, adding the outing is planned for July.

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