RN says Frost Manor’s white board is streamlining communication among staff to prevent behaviours

Brittney Sharpe commends BSO team for creating multidisciplinary communication tool

Frost Manor RN Brittney Sharpe says the new white board created by the Lindsay long-term care home’s Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) team is streamlining communication among staff members and fostering a strong team effort to prevent responsive behaviours from residents with cognitive impairment.

Located near the staff room, the white board has wooden doors secured with magnetic locks and is designed to alert staff members of specific residents who are exhibiting behaviours.

To keep the information confidential, residents are identified by numbers rather than names. The board contains information about known behaviours, triggers and interventions that are divided into two categories: proven interventions and trial interventions.

Brittney describes the white board as an ongoing, up-to-date, one-stop shop for all staff members to see which residents are experiencing behaviours, what options have worked and which options could work. Staff members can also submit their ideas on the white board.

Before becoming an RN, Brittney worked as a personal support worker (PSW) at Frost Manor. As a PSW, Brittney says she would sometimes see miscommunication about interventions. The white board, however, creates consistency, which is helpful to staff and will enhance quality of care for residents with cognitive impairment, she says.

“It’s a tool to guide us, a tool to help us, a tool to allow us to think of (ideas),” she tells The OMNIway.

The white board, Brittney adds, gives all staff members the opportunity to discover interventions and learn about what’s available and what’s working.

And Brittney says the white board has been getting a lot of attention since it was created.

“It’s a really good communication tool for multidisciplinary communication so we can work as a team,” Brittney says. “It gives a chance for the registered staff to be able to better communicate with the front-line staff who are working closely with the residents.”

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