Riverview Manor residents go ‘around the world in eight days’

Riverview Manor LEA Adam Wicklum is seen here wearing a Mexican sombrero and holding a flag-themed tick-tack-toe game. The Peterborough long-term care home recently hosted an activity week called Around the World in Eight Days. The week focused on providing residents with fun activities that were also educational and supportive of cognitive health.

LEA’s idea spawns eight days of activities that feature both fun times and focus on cognitive health

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Riverview Manor residents were recently treated to eight days of fun and learning when the Peterborough long-term care home hosted a program called Around the World in Eight Days.

The program’s creator, life enrichment aide (LEA) Adam Wicklum, says the program, which was held Sept. 18-25, was designed to be entertaining, educational and good for cognitive health.

Each day was packed with activities and mealtimes that paid homage to various cultures. One day featured a Chinese lunch. There was a world Monopoly game. LEA Trevor Davis played guitar and sang songs with a “world” theme on another day. Residents also enjoyed two movie nights that featured the 1956 film Around the World in Eighty Days.

And then there were memory games focused on cognitive health, including a cities of the world game, a children of the world memory game, a trivia game and a reading activity.

Residents were also encouraged to engage in discussions about countries they have visited.

To go along with the theme, Riverview Manor’s activity room was decked out with flags from around the world.

Adam encouraged staff members to help with the activity as well.

“For example, we have a PSW (personal support worker) who is from India, and she gave us a traditional Indian dress, which we learned about,” Adam says.

Adam has visited the U.K. and he gave a presentation on a castle in England. It turns out one resident is from England and lived near the castle, so she provided some insight to its history.

Residents, Adam notes, were pleased with the eight-day activity.

“I got a lot of compliments from residents, who said they really enjoyed it,” he says.

Each August/September, Riverview Manor hosts a themed weeklong event. Last year residents were treated to a carnival themed week. In 2015, staff created a western themed week.

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