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Here are the latest news stories from OMNI Health Care’s 18 long-term care homes across southern Ontario.

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PSW encouraging Riverview Manor residents to expand their French skills

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. - The French word of the day last Friday at Riverview Manor was “journal,” which means “newspaper.”
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Therapy dog and his owner are spreading cheer at West Lake Terrace

Lesley Campbell and her pet pug, Gibson, a St. John Ambulance therapy dog, have been volunteering every Monday at West Lake Terrace for about a year.
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West Lake LEC underscores importance of proactive end-of-life care planning

When a resident without a family recently passed away at West Lake Terrace, staff members took it upon themselves to make arrangements and host a service at the home.
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When LTC staff becomes a resident’s family

There’s a role long-term-care home staff members play that’s not often talked about, yet it’s a role they play frequently, says Janie Denard. That’s the role of being family to residents who have no relatives.
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Enhancing the quality of meal service, one plate at a time

OMNI Health Care’s Plating & Garnishing Guide is a tool the organization is using to help enhance the quality of food served in its 18 long-term care homes and across the sector.
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Lindsay Moose Lodge ensures local LTC residents get annual Easter luncheon

Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Vi O’Leary is tipping her hat to the folks at the Lindsay Moose Lodge for organizing a luncheon for residents of four local long-term care homes on fairly short notice.
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Co-op student Amanda Shyne says Frost Manor has influenced her career plans

Amanda Shyne says her co-op placement at Frost Manor has had a positive impact on her career aspirations.
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OMNI chefs demonstrate value of making eye-appealing meals

A trio of chefs representing OMNI Health Care recently delivered a mouth-watering presentation focused on the importance of preparing meals in long-term care homes that look as good as they taste.
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Frost Manor co-op placement guiding student to nursing career

High-school student Danielle Lalonde has been doing her co-op placement at Frost Manor since February, but it’s not her first taste of working in a long-term care home.