Maplewood candy-grams generating sweet response

Brighton home gears up for Valentine’s Day

Special deliveries are underway at Maplewood and they require being handled with care.

A chocolate treat with a note attached is making its way daily to residents and staff at the Brighton long-term care.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Maplewood is selling 25-cent candy-grams for people to give to their loved ones — or secret crushes.

Since Feb. 1, residents have been manning the candy-gram booth, which features a basket of chocolates and a basket of cards, at the home’s entrance.

“Right from start to finish it’s a resident activity,” says Rachel Corkery, administrator and life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) at Maplewood.

The candy-gram activity is getting a sweet response from residents, family members and staff at the 49-bed home.

Residents, staff and family members purchase candy-grams for each other, with the proceeds benefitting the residents’ council fund.

“It’s great. To see residents’ reactions when they get one is (heart-warming),” Corkery says.

“It goes over very well and from a staff perspective it touches us too because  there’s a sense of appreciation” when one receives a candy-gram.

Personally, Corkery still has the candy-grams she has received in years past hanging on her office wall.

Some candy-grams are from a resident, others come from a secret admirer so the sender remains anonymous.

The administrator/LEC says family members also love the idea. They’ll often purchase a new one for their relative each day they visit the home during the course of the initiative.

Maplewood also has other activities planned to mark Valentine’s Day.

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