‘Hats off’ to Streamway Villa for creating fun, engaging program for residents

Pictured above, Streamway Villa residents were treated to their second Red Hat Tea Social on Feb. 16.

Recent donation inspires home to start a Red Hat club

When a friend of Streamway Villa life enrichment co-ordinator Christina Verleysen recently donated a large bag of hats she had collected over the years to the Cobourg long-term care home, the chapeaus were put to good use.

Christina’s friend, Ruth Caldwell, was active for many years in the Red Hat Society of Peterborough, so most of the hats are red and purple. Christina decided to use the gifted hats as part of monthly programming.

The program debuted in January, and on Feb. 16, life enrichment aide Nancy Williams hosted the second Red Hat Tea Social at Streamway Villa. About 10 residents attended.

“This party was enjoyed by both male and female residents, (and) our finest china was pulled,” Christina says. “Delicious treats were served and lots of fun and laughter was had.”

Nancy notes that two gentlemen also attended the party and both donned hats.

“They wanted to be a part of it because we had some nice baked goods,” Nancy says.

Nancy says the greatest benefit to residents she has seen through the program is all the smiles and laughter.

“I think the social part of the program and getting everyone together to use the fine china, which was great for reminiscing, were some of the things residents liked best,” she says.

“Other residents even came in from the dining room, and of course we would include them. They were interested to see what was going on, just because it was something a little different.”

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