Frost Manor’s Rick Riel wouldn’t rest until resident could … rest

Frost Manor resident Dean Smith points to his bed, which maintenance manager Rick Riel recently fixed.

Dean Smith praises maintenance manager for persistence in fixing bed issue

LINDSAY, Ont. – When Frost Manor resident Dean Smith had a mechanical issue with his bed, maintenance and environmental services manager Rick Riel was there to help – and wouldn’t leave until the issue was resolved.

Dean tells The OMNIway that what impressed him was Rick’s willingness to help him out, even though Rick has a “long list” of things to do every day.

“He hasn’t got time to spend with anybody, but the day that he came in and fixed my bed he wasn’t leaving until that bed was working,” Dean says. “There are lots of things that he does that he doesn’t have to do.”

The issue was with a cast-iron bracket on the back of the motor which moves the bed up and down for a person’s comfort. Dean needs to have his mattress lifted on an upright angle when he rests, so it was important the motor was fixed.

Rick spent a lot of time trying to sort out the problem, Dean notes. He says he was taken by the fact that Rick wasn’t going to stop trying until the issue was resolved.

“He could have done it the next day, but he didn’t wait – he knew that I needed it (repaired),” Dean says.

Shortly after Rick fixed the motor, Dean contacted administrator Connie Abrams to tell her what a great job Rick had done and how he refused to stop working until the bed was fixed.

Mindfulness was a major theme during OMNI Health Care’s recent Quality Forum. Mindfulness was discussed in presentations as a major ingredient in recipes for quality experiences in long-term care.

Connie says she reflected on the forum when Dean told her about how Rick had helped him.

“Rick knew how important it was for Dean to be comfortable in bed, (and) he went above and beyond to talk with Dean and try to resolve the broken bed issue,” Connie says. “Dean was very thankful and grateful to Rick.”

This isn’t the only example of Rick’s mindfulness. Keep reading The OMNIway for another story about how he has helped create a quality experience for a resident.

– This is Part 1 of a two-part story

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