Eunice Howe says Frost Manor’s ‘resident focus’ kept her working there 29 years

Frost Manor life enrichment aide Eunice Howe is seen here with her retirement party cake on April 5. Eunice will be retiring after serving the home for 29 years.

LEA says she plans to volunteer at Lindsay LTC home in her retirement

Life enrichment aide (LEA) Eunice Howe will soon be retiring after working 29 years at Frost Manor, but she says she does not plan to stray too far from the Lindsay long-term care home – she would just miss everyone too much.

So, after Eunice “officially” retires on April 28 – she’s taking a two-week holiday first – she plans to return to Frost Manor and do volunteer work.

Her returning to volunteer is a sort of compromise, she says, noting the residents did not want her to completely retire from the home.

Besides, Eunice loves the work she has done at Frost Manor for nearly three decades.

Eunice worked in many capacities at Frost Manor. She began as a personal support worker, before moving to the nutritional care department and eventually working in life enrichment.

She started her career in long-term care at another home but switched to Frost Manor because she wanted to work in a smaller home. Frost Manor’s small size – the home has 62 residents – provides a more homey atmosphere that Eunice says she prefers.

“The best thing I liked about Frost Manor was being able to have that resident focus,” she says. “Because it is a small home, it’s really a home – the residents get to know you and you get to know them.”

Eunice says she “loved every minute of” working in Frost Manor’s life enrichment department.

“I loved being creative and I loved the staff – if there is one thing that kept me at Frost Manor, besides the resident-focus, it was the staff and how the staff is so caring and compassionate. I wouldn’t have stayed if it wasn’t like that here.”

She adds: “I will miss the residents, but I will also miss the staff because I had a great rapport with everybody.”

Aside from volunteering at Frost Manor in her spare time, Eunice says she plans to join a gym and spend lots of time with her family.

To celebrate Eunice and her 29-career at Frost Manor, the home’s staff hosted a retirement party for her on April 5.

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