Rosebridge Manor’s Belinda Sarmiento ‘captures the essence of who we are and who we are cable of being’

Rosebridge Manor

RN receives home’s 2017 Inspired Leadership Award

Registered nurse (RN) Belinda Sarmiento demonstrates each day the leadership qualities that are crucial in a long-term care home, and it’s for this reason Belinda received Rosebridge Manor’s Inspired Leadership Award. Read more

Rosebridge PSW retires but not before colleagues present her with Everyday Hero Award

Rosebridge Manor PSW Rose Thompson received the home’s 2017 Everyday Hero Award on her last day on the job after 15 years.

Rose Thompson reflected OMNI’s mission, vision and values for 15 years

As a personal support worker (PSW) at Rosebridge Manor, Rose Thompson reflected OMNI Health Care’s mission, vision and values for the 15 years she worked at the Jasper, Ont., long-term care home, her colleagues say. Read more

Rosebridge Manor gets into ‘leprechaun mode’ for St. Paddy’s

Resident Ian Campbell-Paterson is seen here wearing the St. Patrick’s Day hat he made in the crafts program at Rosebridge Manor.

Home’s annual celebration of all things Irish is once again a success

Rosebridge Manor had a packed activity room on Saturday (March 17) when the Jasper, Ont., long-term care home celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with a party for residents, families and staff members. Read more

Love in the air at OMNI homes

Pictured above, scenes from the Valentine’s Day celebrations at Rosebridge Manor and Frost Manor.

Rosebridge Manor and Frost Manor make Valentine’s Day extra-special

From “Cupid” handing out flowers and stuffed animals to pureed chocolate cheesecake piped into “tulips,” Rosebridge Manor made Valentine’s Day an affair to remember. Read more

Rosebridge residents and staff won’t let rain ruin their fun

Pictured above, scenes from Rosebridge Manor’s July 27 indoor garden party.

Teamwork ensures annual resident and family party goes on as planned, despite the weather

When Kathy Barr arrived at Rosebridge Manor on the morning of July 27, it was pouring rain. The Jasper, Ont. long-term care home’s annual resident and family party was scheduled for that afternoon, and Kathy did not want to postpone the event. Read more

Local mayor drops in to wish Rosebridge Manor residents a happy Canada Day

Resident Joyce Edgeley (centre) poses with Merrickville-Wolford Mayor Dave Nash and his wife at Rosebridge Manor on Canada Day.

Unexpected visit from Dave Nash brings round of smiles from residents

Rosebridge Manor residents and staff members were enjoying an ice-cream social during the afternoon on Canada Day, when a top-hatted familiar face strode into the long-term care home. Read more

LEC recalls her family’s experience with palliative care at Rosebridge Manor

Kathy Barr says the care provided to her mother-in-law provided her with a unique insight

It was in the spring of 2016 when Rosebridge Manor life enrichment co-ordinator (LEC) Kathy Barr had a unique experience with the palliative care offered by her co-workers at the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home. Read more

‘I get a warm, fuzzy feeling from volunteering’

Rosebridge Manor volunteer Lynne Hurd (right) and resident Mildred Covill enjoy a conversation at the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home.

Volunteer Lynne Hurd shares how donating her time to residents has impacted her

Two years ago, Lynne Hurd was helping her friend find a long-term care home for her husband, when they ended up at Rosebridge Manor. Read more

Montessori, sensory programming beneficial to residents of all cognitive abilities

Rosebridge Manor resident Mabel Stevens is seen here folding laundry at the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home. Mabel has made it her job to fold laundry items for one hour every day, Monday to Saturday.

Rosebridge Manor engages as many residents as possible in popular program

For the past several years, staff members at Rosebridge Manor have found that Montessori-based activities and sensory stimulation programs have been beneficial to residents of all abilities and levels of cognitive function. Read more

Rosebridge Manor volunteer Gillian Organ praises staff members’ dedication to residents

Rosebridge Manor volunteer Gillian Organ is seen here working with residents on creating place cards for the home's Halloween party.

Rosebridge Manor volunteer Gillian Organ is seen here working with residents on creating place cards for the home’s Halloween party.

‘The reason I continue to volunteer is because I am so impressed with the care the residents are getting here’

Gillian Organ began volunteering at Rosebridge Manor earlier this year when her friend was a resident. Her friend passed away this summer, but Gillian says she has continued to volunteer because of the passion staff members have for residents. Read more