PSW encouraging Riverview Manor residents to expand their French skills

Pictured above, Riverview Manor PSW Natalie Leblond and resident Alan Simmons point to the word “journal” – meaning “newspaper” in English – that’s spelled out on the refrigerator in the home’s activity room. Natalie is teaching residents a new French word each day.

Natalie Leblond is helping residents learn a new word every day

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – The French word of the day last Friday at Riverview Manor was “journal,” which means “newspaper.” Read more

Therapy dog and his owner are spreading cheer at West Lake Terrace

Pictured above, Gibson, a St. John Ambulance therapy dog, has been volunteering at West Lake Terrace with his owner, Lesley Campbell, for about a year.

Lesley Campbell says she and her pug, Gibson, get as much back as they give to the home

Lesley Campbell and her pet pug, Gibson, a St. John Ambulance therapy dog, have been volunteering every Monday at West Lake Terrace for about a year. Read more

West Lake LEC underscores importance of proactive end-of-life care planning

It’s especially important for staff to learn about the wishes of residents without families, says Janie Denard

When a resident without a family recently passed away at West Lake Terrace, staff members took it upon themselves to make arrangements and host a service at the home. Read more

When LTC staff becomes a resident’s family

West Lake Terrace LEC Janie Denard reflects on the emotional and learning experiences that come with being a resident’s closest connection

There’s a role long-term-care home staff members play that’s not often talked about, yet it’s a role they play frequently, says Janie Denard. That’s the role of being family to residents who have no relatives. Read more

Enhancing the quality of meal service, one plate at a time

Pictured above, the meal OMNI chefs prepared during a demonstration on plating and garnishing at the OLTCA/ORCA convention in Toronto April 4. The meal consisted of a broiled Atlantic cod fillet, scalloped potatoes and carrots garnished with a double-lemon twist and a compound butter. This is an example of a meal plated to the standards outlined in OMNI’s Plating & Garnishing Guide.

OMNI’s Plating & Garnishing Guide helping LTC kitchens make meals look as good as they taste

OMNI Health Care’s Plating & Garnishing Guide is a tool the organization is using to help enhance the quality of food served in its 18 long-term care homes and across the sector. Read more

Lindsay Moose Lodge ensures local LTC residents get annual Easter luncheon

Pictured above, Kevin, the chef at the Lindsay Moose Lodge, is being commended by Frost Manor LEC Vi O’Leary for the top-notch meal he prepared for 50 long-term care residents on April 12.

Value of community engagement pays off for Frost Manor and 3 other homes

Frost Manor life enrichment co-ordinator Vi O’Leary is tipping her hat to the folks at the Lindsay Moose Lodge for organizing a luncheon for residents of four local long-term care homes on fairly short notice. Read more

Co-op student Amanda Shyne says Frost Manor has influenced her career plans

Frost Manor co-op student Amanda Shyne (right) and resident Grace Leslie (left) are seen here spending time together at the Lindsay long-term care home.

‘If there’s any student out there who is looking for a co-op, this is definitely one of the best places’

Amanda Shyne says her co-op placement at Frost Manor has had a positive impact on her career aspirations. Read more

OMNI chefs demonstrate value of making eye-appealing meals

Frost Manor nutritional care manager Neil MacDonald (left) and Riverview Manor nutritional care manager Adam Brand (right) are seen here giving a demonstration on plating techniques during the OLTCA/ORCA Together We Care convention in Toronto on April 4.

People eat first with their eyes, so delicious food also needs to look good, says OMNI chef

A trio of chefs representing OMNI Health Care recently delivered a mouth-watering presentation focused on the importance of preparing meals in long-term care homes that look as good as they taste. Read more

Frost Manor co-op placement guiding student to nursing career

Co-op student Danielle Lalonde (far left) is seen here leading resident programming at Frost Manor.

‘It has been a really good experience,’ says Danielle Lalonde

High-school student Danielle Lalonde has been doing her co-op placement at Frost Manor since February, but it’s not her first taste of working in a long-term care home. Read more

‘I get a warm, fuzzy feeling from volunteering’

Rosebridge Manor volunteer Lynne Hurd (right) and resident Mildred Covill enjoy a conversation at the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home.

Volunteer Lynne Hurd shares how donating her time to residents has impacted her

Two years ago, Lynne Hurd was helping her friend find a long-term care home for her husband, when they ended up at Rosebridge Manor. Read more