EDITORIAL: Redeveloped homes will help OMNI better serve local communities

This spring, OMNI Health Care was awarded funding from the province to build a new Riverview Manor and renovate three of its other long-term care homes – Pleasant Meadow Manor, Almonte Country Haven and Woodland Villa. Construction on the four projects will start in fall 2019 and will be completed by December 2022.

What’s especially exciting about these announcements – and welcomed by OMNI Health Care – is the fact that the four redevelopment projects will also help the smaller communities these homes serve.

The majority of OMNI’s 18 long-term care homes are in small towns and villages. OMNI has always valued the fact that most of its homes are small and located in rural communities because having such homes creates a cozy environment for residents to live and staff members to work.

Having homes in these towns and villages also means people who have lived in these communities don’t have to move to larger centres, should they require long-term care.

The funding announcements included a combined 102 additional beds to the four homes. The new Riverview Manor in Peterborough will have 160 beds, 36 more than it currently has. Almonte Country Haven, located in Mississippi Mills, will be increased from 82 beds to 96. In Norwood, Pleasant Meadow Manor will see an increase from 61 to 96 beds. Woodland Villa in Long Sault will go from 111 beds to 128.

But the renovations will provide more than just an increased number of beds.

Hallways and doors will be wider, and three- and four-bed wards will be replaced with rooms with no more than two beds. Once complete, these homes will also be divided into neighbourhoods, housing groups of up to 32 people. As a result, residents will be sharing dining, bathing and other common areas with fewer people to enhance their living experience.

To put it another way, the future of long-term care will be coming to these four homes. It’s a future that will help ensure that the people who built these communities have access to the care they need with the amenities they require to have the best quality of life possible.

It’s a future OMNI is excited about.

Safety and minimizing disturbance the top priorities during construction projects on 4 OMNI homes

Architects from G architects, pictured above, will be working on designs for four OMNI long-term care homes.

Architect Matt Galvin says residents often enjoy the construction process

Architect Matt Galvin says ensuring resident safety and minimizing disturbance will be top priorities during the construction of a new Riverview Manor and renovations to Pleasant Meadow Manor, Almonte Country Haven and Woodland Villa. Read more

Workshop helps ease NCMs’ concerns surrounding implementation of IDDSI framework

‘I think everyone left feeling more comfortable with IDDSI, and I think that was a really big step forward for us’

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Chris Weber says the major successes stemming from a May 17 workshop focused on helping OMNI Health Care nutritional care managers (NCMs) implement the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) framework were that everyone left feeling less anxiety about the implementation process and managers got to see how IDDSI will look in their homes, once it’s adopted in 2019. Read more

Architects consulting with residents, staff, community stakeholders ahead of redevelopment of 4 OMNI homes

Architects from G architects, pictured above, will be working on designs for four OMNI long-term care homes.

‘We understand that there is a lot of great work being done in these buildings, and we can’t assume that there are not lessons to be learned from the residents, staff, families and health-care stakeholders about each community’s unique needs’

G architects, the Toronto architecture firm commissioned by OMNI Health Care to design a new Riverview Manor and expansions for Pleasant Meadow Manor, Almonte Country Haven and Woodland Villa, will be consulting with residents, families, staff and community stakeholders before construction begins on the projects in autumn 2019. Read more

Redeveloped OMNI homes will accommodate present and future LTC needs

Architects from G architects, pictured above, will be working on designs for four OMNI long-term care homes.

Wider corridors and doorways, greater privacy and more homelike environments are among the major improvements residents and staff will see, says architect

Wider corridors and doorways, greater privacy and more homelike environments – these are among the improved features residents and staff members will first notice once four OMNI Health Care long-term care homes complete their redevelopment in 2022, says Matt Galvin. Read more

Residents, staff join movement to support Humboldt Broncos

Riverview Manor resident Alan Simmons is seen here outside the Peterborough long-term care home with the memorial he created for the Humboldt Broncos hockey team. Alan also collected $70 recently for a local fundraiser to help those affected by the recent tragedy that claimed the lives of 16 Broncos players and staff.

One Riverview resident launched his own fundraising initiative, while Burnbrae Gardens joined the nationwide #JerseysforHumboldt campaign

In the wake of the April 6 bus crash in rural Saskatchewan that claimed the lives of 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and staff, there has been an outpour of support from across Canada and around the world for those affected by the tragedy, and OMNI Health Care’s communities have been among those getting behind the cause. Read more

Three more OMNI homes approved by ministry for renovations

Northumberland-Quinte MPP Lou Rinaldi (pictured third from right) was at Pleasant Meadow Manor on May 4 to announce the province will be funding an additional 35 beds at the Norwood long-term care home. The expansion is slated to be complete by December 2022.

Expanding Pleasant Meadow Manor, Woodland Villa and Almonte Country Haven will help these homes better serve their communities

NORWOOD, Ont. – OMNI Health Care is excited to announce that three of its long-term care homes serving small communities – Pleasant Meadow Manor, Woodland Villa and Almonte Country Haven – were approved for redevelopment by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care last week. Read more

OMNI homes put ‘plating with pride’ into practice

Village Green nutritional care manager Miranda Ray stands with dietary team members, holding a plate of pureed turkey, mashed potatoes and carrots.

Nutritional care staff’s creativity impacting appetites

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