OMNI applauds province for LTC funding increases in 2017-18 budget

Province commits to increased funding for resident care, BSO and Ontario dementia strategy

OMNI Health Care is applauding the Ontario government for funding increases in the 2017-18 budget that will enhance resident care and food service in the province’s long-term care homes as well as inject $100 million into an Ontario dementia strategy over the next three years. Read more

Enhancing the quality of meal service, one plate at a time

Pictured above, the meal OMNI chefs prepared during a demonstration on plating and garnishing at the OLTCA/ORCA convention in Toronto April 4. The meal consisted of a broiled Atlantic cod fillet, scalloped potatoes and carrots garnished with a double-lemon twist and a compound butter. This is an example of a meal plated to the standards outlined in OMNI’s Plating & Garnishing Guide.

OMNI’s Plating & Garnishing Guide helping LTC kitchens make meals look as good as they taste

OMNI Health Care’s Plating & Garnishing Guide is a tool the organization is using to help enhance the quality of food served in its 18 long-term care homes and across the sector. Read more

OMNI chefs demonstrate value of making eye-appealing meals

Frost Manor nutritional care manager Neil MacDonald (left) and Riverview Manor nutritional care manager Adam Brand (right) are seen here giving a demonstration on plating techniques during the OLTCA/ORCA Together We Care convention in Toronto on April 4.

People eat first with their eyes, so delicious food also needs to look good, says OMNI chef

A trio of chefs representing OMNI Health Care recently delivered a mouth-watering presentation focused on the importance of preparing meals in long-term care homes that look as good as they taste. Read more

OMNI homes share effective resources to enhance quality of life

From music to potato-peeling, homes use creativity to enhance residents’ experience

As part of The OMNIway’s recent story series on creating meaningful programming for residents with cognitive impairment, many homes shared some of their most effective ways to enrich people’s lives while mitigating agitation. Read more

OMNI residents encouraged to use their strengths and skills

Frost Manor resident Gerald Hefferon and co-op student Nick Grimes are seen here repairing a hand-sanitizer at the Lindsay long-term care home.

Providing meaningful work for residents ties in with OMNI’s mission of bringing ‘hope, purpose and belonging to health care’

People living in OMNI Health Care’s 18 long-term care homes have a lifetime of work experience, and staff members often find jobs and chores to tap into their skills.

Frost Manor resident Gerald Hefferon is a carpenter by trade and is an all-around handy guy. So when he was looking for work to do around the Lindsay long-term care home, staff members were more than happy to accommodate him.

Rick Riel, who manages Frost Manor’s maintenance and environmental services departments, says Gerald’s request came up one day at morning report.

“I went and asked Gerald if he would be interested in helping with some knock-down furniture, and he was quite excited about that,” Rick recalls. “We went one day and put a cabinet together and he was really excited.”

Gerald also works with a co-op student, Nick Grimes, who is doing a placement at Frost Manor. Together, they have put up cabinets and repaired pumps on hand-sanitizers and soap dispensers.

“It has been good for everyone – it was good to see the co-op student and the resident relating to one another and the resident took on the leadership role of being the foreman,” Rick says.

Gerald says he enjoys doing the work.

“(It) gives me something to do when I’m bored or to pass time,” he says.

Rick has also called upon the expertise of resident Joy Dobson, who has experience managing a laundry facility, to help Frost Manor’s laundry department.

Joy helps sort socks and fold laundry every day at Frost Manor. She enjoys the work and the interaction with the laundry department staff members, she says.

“It’s clean, the staff are easy to work with, it gives me something to do and it is a change of scenery from my room,” Joy says, adding the work has also helped her build friendships with staff members.

Rick says the team makes sure Joy has a safe working environment and that she is very dependable.

“Every day at the same time she comes down and gets to work,” Rick says. “With Joy, she was interested and wanted to help out. She used to manage a laundry facility, so she would come down and ask to help. She communicates well with the staff. She’s here every day. You can set your clock by her.”

Rosebridge Manor resident Mabel Stevens is seen here folding laundry at the Jasper, Ont. long-term care home. Mabel has made it her job to fold laundry items for one hour every day, Monday to Saturday.

In Jasper, Ont., the Rosebridge Manor team also encourages the home’s residents to put their skills and interests to work.

For example, resident Mabel Stevens enjoys folding laundry – in fact, she likes folding laundry so much she has created a job for herself one hour per day, six days a week, folding laundry.

By doing this, Mabel is participating in an activity she enjoys while helping the home’s environmental services department, says life enrichment co-ordinator Kathy Barr.

Kathy says Mabel and other residents are enjoying the work they’re doing and that this type of programming marries well with OMNI’s mission of bringing “hope, purpose and belonging to health care.”

“It has been a really good (way to help) a lot of residents on a lot of levels,” she says.

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Editorial: Memories of a resident advocate

Joan Leclaire is seen here with the Lifetime Achievement Award she received from Forest Hill in September.

Joan Leclaire was the face of resident advocacy at OMNI Health Care from the day she moved into Forest Hill in 2014. Read more

OMNI is ‘Takin’ Care of Business’ in 2017

OMNI Health Care’s theme for 2017 is Takin’ Care of Business.

OMNI is in the people business. We’re people caring for people, so the concept of taking care of business is not just about the numbers, it’s not about any single aspect of the organization, it’s about taking care of all aspects of the organization that supports the concept of people taking care of people. Read more

OMNI highlights for 2017: managers’ forum, capital redevelopment, continuing quality enhancement

President and CEO Patrick McCarthy discusses what’s most exciting for OMNI in 2017

The annual managers’ forum, continuing the journey of enhancing quality throughout the organization and starting its capital redevelopment process will be some of the most exciting highlights for OMNI Health Care in 2017, says president and CEO Patrick McCarthy. Read more

2 OMNI chefs get private meeting with celebrity chef Vikram Vij

OMNI operations manager of nutrition and food services Chris Weber (far left) and Frost Manor nutritional care manager Neil MacDonald (second from left) are seen here with Canadian celebrity chef Vikram Vij during a private information session hosted by Shalit Foods. During the session, Weber and MacDonald learned about cooking South Asian meals to meet the needs of a growing multiethnic long-term care resident population.

Session was focused on preparing South Asian foods to meet the needs of changing demographics in LTC

Two OMNI Health Care team members were invited to a private information session with Canadian celebrity chef Vikram Vij on Jan. 20. Read more

Alzheimer Society creates new resources to help families and LTC staff collaborate on care

‘Families may have never been to a long-term care home before, so we’re trying to help them understand that they have a very important role to play’

The Alzheimer Society of Canada has recently created a new set of resources to help ease the transition for people living with cognitive impairment into long-term care homes. The resources are also aimed at helping long-term-care home staff and families work together to make the transition easier for new residents. Read more