Burnbrae Gardens resident Phillip Ash recognized for distinguished military career

Burnbrae Gardens resident Phillip Ash (right) is seen here with his longtime friend, Joe Aitchison. Phillip was one of two recipients of Burnbrae Gardens’ 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award.

Longtime friend and grandson on-hand to present Phillip with his Lifetime Achievement Award

CAMPBELLFORD, Ont. – Burnbrae Gardens resident Phillip Ash was presented with the Campbellford long-term care home’s Lifetime Achievement Award for his military service and dedication to Canadian soldiers. Read more

Burnbrae Gardens honours resident Julie Hallett, a trailblazer for working women

Burnbrae Gardens resident Julie Hallett is pictured here with her family after receiving one of two of the Campbellford long-term care home’s Lifetime Achievement Awards at an Aug. 29 ceremony.

Julie Hallett receives Lifetime Achievement Award for a career marked by pioneering information technology and working on the Avro Arrow project

CAMPBELLFORD, Ont. – Burnbrae Gardens resident Julie Hallett’s life has been marked with many achievements. She was involved with the war effort during the 1940s, she was a pioneer in computer programming and even worked on the ill-fated Avro Arrow project. Read more

Partnerships bridge gap between generations

‘I think it’s a great learning opportunity all the way around’

From building a model car to turning over flowerbeds, people of all ages are benefitting from the partnerships between OMNI Health Care homes and local high schools. Read more

Dietary aide makes it her mission to bring exotic animal handler to Burnbrae Gardens

Pictured above, resident Phillip Ash wanted to “wear” a python that was among many exotic animals that visited Burnbrae Gardens on May 19.

Janet McInroy inspired by success Zoo To You program had with Streamway Villa residents

Dietary aide Janet McInroy was watching an OMNIway video story about Zoo To You recently visiting Streamway Villa when the idea came to her to bring the exotic animal handler to Burnbrae Gardens. Read more

Burnbrae Gardens residents and local students forming meaningful bonds through program

Campbellford District High School student Sara Ferguson (right) is pictured here with Burnbrae Gardens resident Marlene Lintern. Sara has been coming to Burnbrae every Wednesday for the past month to help staff members and spend time with residents as part of a program.

‘I think it’s a great learning opportunity all the way around’

A collaboration between Burnbrae Gardens and a local school is providing two students with important learning opportunities, while creating meaningful bonds with the Campbellford long-term care home’s residents. Read more

Burnbrae co-op student fits so well with OMNI’s culture, she’s been asked to interview for position

Burnbrae Gardens co-op student Leah Beaudoin-Powell (left) and resident Ilene Turpin (right) are seen here working on a puzzle.

Leah Beaudoin-Powell is ‘so awesome we wanted to have her as part of our team,’ says administrator

Co-op student Leah Beaudoin-Powell has been such a good fit at Burnbrae Gardens, the Campbellford long-term care home’s management team has asked her to interview for a summer job. Read more

Young Burnbrae volunteer says experience has been rewarding

Volunteer Zack Smith, seen standing at the back, enjoys the pleasant weather with Burnbrae Gardens residents on April 24.

Zack Smith, who began volunteering at 16, says he’s getting from residents as much as he gives

Zack Smith has been coming into Burnbrae Gardens to volunteer with residents at the Campbellford long-term care home since he was about 16. Read more

New Burnbrae office manager comes from rich health-care background

Burnbrae Gardens

Annie Thomas’s career has been focused on helping others

Working in health care runs in Annie Thomas’s family. Read more

New Burnbrae Gardens colouring program is proving beneficial to residents with dementia

‘I’ve never seen the residents so engaged and focused’

A resident at Burnbrae Gardens who is living with cognitive impairment sometimes becomes agitated and upset. But when life enrichment staff hand the resident some pencil crayons and pages from a colouring book, she will immediately become calm and focused. Read more