Social worker says she’s learning more about dementia through her role with BSO team

Social worker Laura Johnstone, pictured above, is working with Riverview Manor’s BSO team.

Laura Johnstone says a greater understanding of the condition can lead to preventing responsive behaviours

Laura Johnstone says the key thing she’s learning in her role as a social worker with the Riverview Manor Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) team is the impact dementia has on the Peterborough long-term care home’s residents. Read more

Making communities ‘dementia-friendly,’ encouraging relationships, enhances quality of life for everyone: Alzheimer Society

LTC homes can – and do – play part in movement to bridge gap between communities and people with dementia

Encouraging community members to come into long-term care homes and engaging local businesses and government to increase accessibility and make communities more “dementia-friendly” are some of the things that can be done to decrease dementia’s stigma and enhance quality of life for people, says Mary Schulz. Read more

Frost Manor’s new way-finding signs helping residents navigate the home

Pictured above, one of the new signs at Frost Manor directing people to the dining room.

Arrows pointing to dining room and hallways are a new idea from BSO team

Frost Manor’s Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) team has been busy recently coming up with solutions to make navigating the Lindsay long-term care home easier for residents. Read more

LTC homes have role to play to help end stigma surrounding dementia: Alzheimer Society

Alzheimer Society director of education Mary Schulz

Encouraging friendships between residents with and without dementia is an important step, says Alzheimer Society education director Mary Schulz

The Alzheimer Society of Canada’s 2018 awareness campaign is focused on ending the stigma surrounding dementia, and the organization’s director of education says long-term care homes have a role to play in achieving this goal. Read more

Time is now to end dementia’s stigma: Alzheimer Society

Survey shows negative – and false – stereotypes of condition are prevalent in Canada

Results of a recent survey from the Alzheimer Society of Canada indicate a significant number of Canadians are concerned they would face discrimination or even be avoided by family if they had Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Read more

Frost Manor BSO team working to decrease wandering with new hallway murals

Pictured above, Frost Manor recently used money provided from the BSO initiative to have murals painted on the walls of the home to help residents navigate hallways.

Murals will make it easier for residents with cognitive impairment to navigate the home

Frost Manor’s Behavioural Supports Ontario (BSO) team is working towards decreasing wandering in residents with cognitive impairment with a new project to help make navigating the Lindsay long-term care home’ s hallways easier. Read more

Are you taking a Coffee Break tomorrow?

LTC homes can help support programs and services for people with Alzheimer’s during national campaign

Feel like taking a Coffee Break? If so, the Alzheimer Society of Canada is hosting its annual Coffee Break fundraiser tomorrow (Sept. 21) to help support people living with Alzheimer’s disease in communities nationwide. Read more

Making the shift from ‘me’ to ‘we’ when caring for people with Alzheimer’s

Blogger shares how changing language enhances quality of life

Caring for a person living with cognitive impairment requires caregivers to be selective about the words they use, and substituting the words “you” and “me” with “we” is one important step in this process, says Alzheimer’s expert and blogger Bob DeMarco. Read more

When communicating, be a ‘guide’ to people with dementia: expert

Imagine you’re caring for someone living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and you are trying to convince them to bathe. Quite often, caregivers and long-term-care home staff find the person does not want to get into the tub. Read more

Editorial: Canada’s new dementia strategy creates opportunity for LTC sector

With the passing of Bill C-233 in June, Canada became the 30th country to launch a national dementia strategy. This, of course, is welcomed news for people living with dementia and their families as well as for the long-term care sector. Read more